• Extensive research conducted in key markets has highlighted the need to revitalise and tighten up the 2006 brand strategy. Consumers are becoming increasingly discerning and are looking for a wider range of experiences when they are on holiday.
  • 2012 – 30% of people questioned were considering going on holiday to Norway in the next three years (this is high compared to neighboring countries). However, converting this interest into visits has proven difficult.
  • The research confirms that Norway’s competitive position should be based on its spectacular nature and natural treasures, but indicates that nature on its own is not enough. Norway needs to enhance what it offers, from:
    • nature alone to nature & culture
    • passive observation to active participation
    • remote and isolated to inhabited, approachable and accessible
  • In an increasingly competitive market, Norway also needs a clear brand position that distinguishes it from its key competitors.
  • By enhancing the brand, creating a clear competitive position and effectively communicating this, we will reduce the impact of the main barrier to choosing Norway, i.e. cost.

*Ipsos Optima report 2011 conducted in Germany, Holland and Russia.


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