Brand Platform


The brand strategy should form the basis for everything:

  • A destination brand refers to a destination’s competitive identity. It is what makes the destination distinctive and memorable. It differentiates a country from all others, and it is the foundation of international competitiveness.
  • The Norway brand represents the core essence of Norway as a tourist destination; its values, brand promise and its unique selling points.
  • The way in which the brand is presented might differ for different target groups, but our core brand values and unique selling proposition, like someone’s personality, are essentially always the same.
  • The brand platform forms the basis for everything the Norway brand does – product and destination development, sales and market communication.
  • The purpose of the brand platform is to be a guide for everybody working in developing or selling Norway as a holiday destination to ensure we always live up to our brand promise.


The most dramatic and rich fjord and coastal experience in the world


Brand Platform
Mission and Vision
Brand Norway is defined by four areas where it is credible, relevant and unique
Target group
Brand image
Brand strategy
Brand values
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