Incorrect use of logo

The logo and URL must not be modified. Always use the logo and URL originals.

All logos are available in CMYK, PMS, black and RGB colour formats.


Examples of wrong use:

Wrong_2Wrong_1   Wrong_3

1. URL is too close to logo and in wrong font.
2. Do not place the payoff outside the logo. Always use the logo originals.
3. Do not use this URL version in close vicinity of the logo


Wrong_4   Wrong_5   Wrong_6

1. Do not place URL in logo box.
2. Do not change format or proportions of the logo.
3. Do not turn logo on its side.


Wrong_7   Wrong_8   Wrong_9

1. Do not use the logotype outside of the box.
2. Do not change to any other colours.
3. Do not change the URL to red or any other colours.

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