Key insights



CenCydiam, our segmentation tool is is changing the way Norwegian travel experiences are developed, marketed and sold.

  • Whereas in the past we have mainly looked at socio-demo graphics when defining the target group, we are now able to also look at the motivation for choosing a holiday.
  • There are eight motivational segments in the Cencydiam mod el. Each has their own core motivations and preferences while on holiday.
  • Based on the size of the segments, Norway’s and its competitors’ perceptual fit with the segments, Norway’s best prospect is to target the «exploration» and «broadening your horizon» segments.


For more information about the research and the segments: see Ipsos Optima report 2011 conducted in Germany, the Netherlands and Russia


Defining Norway’s position:

Opportunities for Norway’s competitive positioning



To strengthen the Norway brand we need to

  1. Identify consumers needs when choosing a holiday
  2. Which Norway can credibly deliver on
  3. Where Norway is unique

– This defines the opportunities for Norway’s competitive position


Defining Norway’s position

Nature remains our key selling point, but we must identify the most unique and attractive part of Norway’s nature and enhance what it offers with culture, activities and food – areas we know are important to our target group



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Key insights