Logo clear space

Make sure that you provide generous amount of space around the logo, to let it stand out clearly. The example here shows the minimum amount of space required. Whenever possible, more clear space than the minimum shown here is preferred.

The width of the minimum clear space around the logo should be half the size of the logo itself. Do not place any text, graphics or images within this area of clear space.

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Exceptions to the minimum clear space:

  • The stand-alone logos with URL.
  • Small formats – for example, small – banner ads.


To measure minimum clear space around the logo, duplicate it and place it in half the size as shown here.

To the left and the right* of the logo: Minimum size equals half size version width.

Over and under the logo: Minimum size equals half size version height.


* Make sure there’s enough clear space on all sides when the logo isn’t fixed to the edge. For instance when it’s used on video/film or in third-party use.


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