Logo sizes

A recommended size has been set for the logo, so that it will be displayed clearly in A3-, A4- and A5-formats. For sizes that vary slightly from A-formats, choose the best size with these guides as a starting point.

For sizes that are larger than shown here (for instance posters and billboards), scale elements up proportionately so that the logo has a similar impact. See logo clear space

The same goes for small sizes. See minimum logo sizes to the left. For low quality production, for example in some newspapers, the minimum size should be increased to ensure legibility.

For use in profile pictures and avatars in social media there is no lower size limit. See alternative versions

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Logo sizes for print



Minimum logo sizes for print


Logo with payoff should not be used in sizes with less than 25 mm width. Logo without payoff can be used down to 12 mm width.


Minimum logo size for on-screen use


Logo with payoff should not be used in sizes with less than 120 px width. Logo without payoff can be used down to 59 px width.


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