Logo versions

The logo exists in a selected number of language variants and only these should be used. Each logo version has its specific URL-element to be used with it. The international logo should be used when logo in the national language is not available.

Always use the colour version unless production in colour is impossible.
In such case the negative version should be used.

All logos are available in CMYK, PMS, black and RGB colour formats. See below.

The logo with payoff should be used whenever size permits. The logo without payoff should be used when the size of the logo is less than 25 mm in print, or when there are production constraints.

For on-screen use, the minimum size of the logo, with payoff is 120 pixels.

See logo sizes for more information.


Download logo versions:

English/international logo Norway

Norwegian logo Norge

French logo Norvège

Spanish logo Noruega

Portuguese logo Noruega

Russian logo Норвегия




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