Stand-alone logo

Stand-alone logo is only to be used when sponsoring third party, and a URL is needed in addition to the logo.

This logo version should not be fixed to the edge of the format, but have some space around all sides.

See logo clear space rules.

See Stand-alone logo for third-party use for examples.

Originals are available in both English, Norwegian and French.

For the Norwegian version the URL is to be used, and for the English and the French version the URL is to be used.



This is the minimum distance between the URL and logo. Always use logo originals.

Only the Norge logo does not have .COM as the URL.


Download logo versions:

Stand alone logo – English/international logo Norway

Stand alone logo – Norwegian logo Norge

Stand alone logo – French logo Norvège

Stand alone logo – Spanish logo Noruega

Stand alone logo – Portuguese logo Noruega

Stand alone logo – Russian logo Норвегия



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