URL element

The URL element is an important part of the identity and should be used when appropriate. In print, it should be placed beneath the logo – usually at the bottom right of the format. On clickable items on the internet – for instance in banner ads – the URL element should not be used.

There are 4 language versions for this element: English/international, Norwegian, French and Russian. Other versions should not be made. The English/international URL should be used when other language versions are not available.

There are 3 colour versions for this element. Light grey for white background, dark grey for light image backgroud and white for dark image background.

There are 3 setups for this element. The text can be adjusted and written for your local market. The text should always be very short and related to a web/planning/booking activity as shown in these examples. These texts should not be confused with the payoff. Longer texts should not be placed in conjunction with the URL element.

All texts should be approved by Innovation Norway.



The URL element should always be in capital letters. Observe the text size and placement rules. When the URL is needed in close vicinity to the logo, use the stand-alone logo.


Download URL element versions:

English/international URL .com

Norwegian URL .no

French URL .fr

Russian URL .ru



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